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Question: Do you know the difference between virus protection by Infrared and OCP on Cruise ships ?

UV does not kill viruses in the ship only the AC duct.

The OCP Oxygen Cluster Process addresses the two main areas of risk:

  • Virus being discharged by Silent Spreaders

  • Surface virus contamination.

The OCP is installed in the Air Handling unit in the AC duct, the unit generates oxygen clusters which have free electrons that are distributed throughout the ship. The clusters are paramagnetic and become quickly attracted to all viruses, zapping the virus wall killing it within seconds, it’s like the oxygen cluster is a sterilization grenade. The oxygen clusters kill the viruses and bacteria on any surface the air hits, floor, furniture, fabric, people’s clothes, cabin keys, casino chips, hand rails, door handles, phones, work surfaces, knives and forks, plates. The only tangible sensation in the ship is that "clean air feel" you have after a thunder storm.

Some cruise lines are opting for UV sterilisation of the air-conditioned air. Great so now you have a virus free air supply into the ship. 

Unfortunately, this does not solve or reduce the risk of catching a virus from before the Covid 19 Pandemic because 80% of Covid positive people do not show any symptoms and they will be contaminating the air and surfaces as they walk around the ship.

Imagine the masses of viruses being breathed out, a virus free air supply does not combat this situation.

South Coast Electrical Solutions ltd is an Approved installer of Microbe marine who are the exclusive marine distributer of the Oxygen Cluster Process (OCP).

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